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Serrapetrona is a very charming medieval village which dominates the lake of Borgiano: its name means “high stony ground”, referring to the defensive role of the ancient fortress.

Tourists find themselves surrounded by an uncontaminated landscape, a thick and sweet-smelling vegetation, clear and bracing air in winter and sunny Mediterranean days in summer. Walking along the meandering little stony lanes which recall the charm of the past, you can breathe the atmosphere of ancient traditions made up of everyday gestures.

Serrapetrona is situated at an altitude of 400 m., in the heart of the area of the homonymous VERNACCIA and it is characterized by a continental climate. The parched nature of the soil works as a limiting factor to the natural vigour of the local vine, VERNACCIA, since the clay, rich in ferrite, mixes with the very essence of the soil.


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