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VERNACCIA is a rare, delicate sparkling red wine, whose aroma, flavour and long aftertaste amalgamate with the mellowness it gains in time. It derives from the allochthlon species of wine, black VERNACCIA, which has perfectly conformed itself to the surrounding habitat, producing stumpy bunches, larger than longer.

Its grapes, when ripe, are covered with plenty of bloom which dampens the deep blue-blackish colour of its skin. The production of this sort of “mountain ambrosia” dates back to an old tradition handed down from generation to generation: its different stages sound like real rituals, especially the grape harvest. By the middle of October and the beginning of November the grapes are gathered and, after a first rigorous selection, they are hung up on special beams and left to air-dry in airy rooms, constantly controlled in order to eliminate any possible mouldy grapes. Airdrying last until February.

You get a coloured and fragrant wine from the air-dried grapes. The strew wine, added to the wine obtained from the normal harvest, makes it possible to produce a sparkling and red wine after the fermentation in big pressure barrels.

It is a wine with a fruity aroma where you can find the smell and the flavours of wild berries and sour cherries. Its taste is vigorous and blends with plenty of glycerine. These are the most important features you can find both in the sweet and dry version of VERNACCIA.


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